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3rd Party Applications

EditScript and 3rd Party Applications

eScription does not support the use of 3rd party applications, although we are aware of some compatibility issues with our software. Here is a list of applications and known issues.

Avery Label Wizard and Office 2007
Users will receive errors that state “Compile error in hidden module: AZWizardModul”. This is due to a specific file that needs to be moved. There should be a template that includes the words “Avery”, “Dennison” or “AZWizard” that causes this problem. The template should be located in either appdata\Microsoft\Word\Startup or Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\STARTUP. Move this template to a different folder and restart Word to fix the problem.

There have been numerous reported cases of “Error 731” in EditScript when BeyondTxt is installed. BeyondTxt is an application used by Transcend. In order to fix this error, a windows system file called “mscomct2.ocx” needs to be replaced. It is best to contact eScription support and have us switch this file with version If this does not fix the problem then re-formatting your computer may be required.