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Introducing eScription Version 10

We are pleased to present eScription v10. This release introduces many new features and
updates for EMon and EditScript MT, including:

• Enhanced MT Review. Enhancements include the ability to do a retrospective review of
the latest unpended version of a document, to let review staff review the work of other
reviewers, to revise already assigned scores, and provide feedback to MTs while
resolving pended documents in Pending List Management (PLM) mode. New MT Review
reporting supports the enhanced MT Review features.
• Enhanced pended document workflow. Enhancements include the addition of
administrator-defined pending criteria and automatic routing of documents to
appropriate personnel based on pending reasons, resulting in more streamlined pending
queues for both MTSOs and in-house MTs. A new user interface for displaying and
resolving pending reasons makes staff more efficient.
• Support for performing actions on multiple dictations in EMon.
• Improved document distribution in EMon.
• Improved transmission management in EMon.
• Support for specifying an eScriptionist’s employee ID in EMon. The ID can identify the
employee across multiple institutions.
With each new release, Nuance strives to deliver advances in the eScription platform based on
valuable customer input. If you have any questions about eScription v10, please contact your
Client Services Manager