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Style guide

Importance of the Style Guide

Consistency in typing and editing is important to the development of voice models since
Auto Script analyses the dictation and compares it to the final written report. In order to
ensure consistency, each institution creates a Style Guide that defines what the final
reports will look like.
Style Guide Requirements
Style Guide requirements can include:

  •  how dates are formatted (e.g. 03/03/2008 or March 3, 2008)
  •  when Arabic or Roman numerals (e.g. Arabic numerals for 'types' of conditions and Roman numerals for 'grades' of conditions)
  •  how many dashes and spaces are used in specific situations (e.g. hyphens

without a space between two numeric values, 3-4 months)
These elements and many others are defined and communicated to you so that all Mt's who
work in your system type and edit reports consistently.
 Recognition improves when the clinician speaks consistently, and MTs

type and edit the spoken word consistently.