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Overview of eScription


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  •  Describe the Dictation Workflow in EditScript
  •  Explain Voice Models
  •  Explain the Importance of the Style Guide

Dictation Workflow
The workflow of a dictation in eScription:

  •  IntelliScript – voice capture
  •  AutoScript – speech recognition
  •  EditScript Server – dictation workflow management
  •  EditScript MT – dictation transcription and editing
  •  NetScript/EditScript Online – web access to dictations and reports

  • What is IntelliScript?

IntelliScript is the server located at your institution that records high-quality, digital audio
dictations. Clinicians call IntelliScript and enter their ID and identifying information such as
patient medical record number and work type. Using IntelliScript, clinicians dictate, review,
edit or add to their dictations.

  • What is AutoScript?

AutoScript is the program that performs speech recognition. AutoScript learns how a
physician speaks, develops a voice model and creates a voice recognized draft of each

  • What is the EditScript Server?

The EditScript Server manages the workflow of a dictation as it transitions from an audio
recording, to a draft document, to a completed and distributed document.

  • What is EditScript MT?

EditScript MT is the software that MTs use to transcribe or edit reports. Connected to the
internet, MTs download dictations, edit or transcribe them, and upload completed work.
EditScript MT is integrated with Microsoft Word and uses many familiar word shortcuts