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Repair Word 2007

Running a "Detect and Repair" in Word 2007

Sometimes the best solution to EditScript MT problems is a "Detect and Repair" in Microsoft Word. Should re-installing EditScript MT (as outlined on Page 9) fail to resolve the issue a "Detect and Repair" can fix the problem. A "Detect and Repair" resets all Microsoft Word settings to their defaults.

In Word 2007, this process is a bit different. This process is called "Microsoft Office Diagnostics" instead of a "Detect and Repair".

To start, click on the Office Button on the top left corner of the screen. This should give you a menu that looks like this:

Click on the Word Options button

You should be presented with another screen that looks like this:

  1. Click on the Resources button on the bottom left hand menu
  2. Then click on the Diagnose button located next to the "run Microsoft Office Diagnostics" feature
  3. Follow the steps Office gives you and this should complete the repair of Microsoft Office.